Glendale Tow Truck And Towing Service Near Me

Glendale Tow Truck is proud to offer 24-hour towing services to motorists looking for help now. Our mission is to get you where you need to be as fast as possible so you can get the help you need when you need it. If you’re frustrated and looking for a local company we can help you, tap the number below to call us for your free quote.
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The safest course of action is to keep a cell phone and our phone number handy. Better still, save our phone number in your contacts list. Lock your doors and call us. Our dispatcher will send help to you quickly.

Our company located in Glendale, California is a family owned and managed business. We have been in business for 20 years serving our loyal customers. In turn, our loyal customers have shown their appreciation for the services we provide to repeat business and referrals.

We kept up-to-date equipment clean and maintained to handle domestic and commercial vehicles. Our friendly uniformed operators are licensed and experienced driver/operators. The team is radio dispatched to give you faster service. We will gladly provide references on request.

We have solutions for most needs including Car Carriers, Flatbeds, and Wheel Lifts. We are equipped and experienced to handle:

​24/7 Emergency towing
Light duty
Vans and pickups
Vintage Cars
Rare Vehicles
Commercial vehicles
Police Requested
Long-distance by appointment

Required Information To Get Your Car Towed

​As long as you leave your keys with the car, your presence is not needed. However, you can also stay if you want. Our dispatchers will arrive at your location to assess the situation, all you have to do is inform them where you left your key or if you’ll be leaving it with them.

Some of the information that you have to provide include the location of your vehicle, the kind or the type of vehicle to be moved, the year, make, model and color of the vehicle. It is also important that you include the license plate of your vehicle as well as the address and business where your vehicle is to be transported. The problem of your vehicle, your phone number and the method of payment is also essential.

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Glendale Towing

​Somewhere in the San Gabriel Valley, while on your way to a pool party to celebrate a birthday, your car stops running. There you are, broken down on a hot Sunday afternoon stranding you and your three unhappy children along a busy highway.

​You have your cell phone, but you do not know whom to call. Not a problem because Siri will give you a list of local companies.

However, when you call them one by one the only response is “please leave a message.” All you have are questions and a cell phone with a weak battery.

  • When or if will any one of them call you back?
  • If they do call, how long before the help arrives. Hours?
  • Where should you ask them to take it?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Will they take a credit card?
  • Is it possible for you and the children to fit into the cab and ride back to the facility so someone can pick you up there?
  • What about your car. Will the driver damage your car while hooking it?
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​Many people have found themselves in similar situations. Car trouble is not limited to working hours, so the excellent idea is to be prepared. When you call us, here’s what you can expect:
  • An answer to your call, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • We have several drivers and vehicles, so the response is quick.
  • We will tow your car wherever you want us to. We can bring it to our garage if you are undecided. We can also recommend reliable repair shops in the area, and we will arrange to take it to one of them.
  • We will tell you over the phone what our standard rate is.
  • You may pay by cash, major credit card or local check.
  • You will receive a detailed receipt to present to your insurance company for reimbursement.
  • Our driver will get your family to a safe location while you wait for your ride home.
  • There is no need to worry about damage to your car. Our operators are professionals.

Our Drivers Are Experienced In Hooking Any Vehicle

We can handle motorcycles, classic cars, luxury cars, as well as commercial vehicles. We have a full range of professional equipment including flatbeds. Our licensed drivers are thoroughly trained for every eventuality, so your car is safe. To drive for one of our fleet, all drivers must pass a background check. Employees are drug and alcohol tested before hiring and randomly while employed with us.

You experience no delays in service or safety issues for your car or yourself and family. We are fully insured so there is no liability risk for our customers. During our years in business we have built an excellent reputation for expert customer service and fair pricing. For that reason, our company continues to grow.

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Are You Asking Yourself “Is There A Tow Truck Service Near Me?”

We offer other services that you will find useful when stranded along the roadway with your car. Our roadside support services include:

  • When you accidentally lock your keys in the car, call us, and we will get your car unlocked for you. There was a time when you could call the police if you were locked out of your vehicle. A friendly officer would show up and quickly unlock it for you. That is no longer true in most places. We can do the job safely without damage to your car.
  • Tire changes for all types of cars is another service that our business offers. It does not matter if you are driving a car or motorhome. If you have the spare tire, we will change it for you.
  • Have your kids ever turned the courtesy lights on in your car while driving home at night only to forget to turn them off when you get home? Everybody gets out of the car and heads for the door, and nobody looks back. The next morning when you are ready to leave for work, your battery is dead. Call us and we will send a driver out right away to get you started.
  • You are two gallons of gasoline away from the closest gas station. Call us; we will bring it out to you and put it in your tank.

Any one of these events will raise your stress level and disrupt your routine. We can relieve a little of that aggravation for you when you dial our phone number and call us now!

Dependable Help

Being able to find a reliable company is important so that your vehicle is transported efficiently and safely. With this in mind, we make sure that we provide only the most expeditious, and cost effective roadside services to customers in need. With our skilled operators, modern and complete equipment and tools and prompt service, we are the best tow truck company that you can find in Glendale.

Our drive for top-notch service has cemented our place in the industry of providing excellent and honest service. We have flatbeds and that can tow any kind of vehicles from cars, vans, SUVs and motorcycles at any time of the day. Apart from moving your vehicle, we also offer a range of other services such as quick gas delivery, professional locksmith services, tire replacements and many others.

We have outstanding rates and friendly service. Here are other reasons why residents of Glendale choose us!

  • We offer quick and simple solutions to roadside problems.
  • We can service vehicles of any kind.
  • We are always available if you need help!
  • We are one of the most trustworthy and established in Glendale.