Flat Tire Changes

Glendale Tow Truck Company in Glendale, California is a full-service towing company. Included in our services is roadside assistance for drivers including car lockout, jump for the dead battery and flat tire change. Many drivers are capable of changing a flat when they get a blowout. They have an inflated spare tire, jack, lug wrench and road hazard triangle sign ready for action in the trunk of their car.

When a flat tire occurs, they glide safely to the side of the path, turn on their hazard lights and open the trunk. They slip on a pair of gloves to protect their hands and in about 20 minutes, they have jacked up the car, loosened the lugs, hoisted the flat tire aside and replaced it with the spare. After lifting the spare onto the rim, they systematically tighten those lug nuts and lower the jack. ​

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Flat tire and tools are put away and “Mr. Does-everything- right is back on the road. Good for him but what about you?

• Your spare tire is stored with bolts under your car. You find out the hard way, after five years, those bolts are rusted on forever.

• You just got your driver’s license a week ago, and it turns out that big girls do cry because auto-maintenance classes are not required to pass a driving test.

• You have a spare tire but it is flat, or your jack handle is broken.

• You are standing on the lug handle, and the last lug will not budge.

• Semi-tractor trailers are going 80 miles an hour 2 feet from your flat tire.

• At the age of 75, you should not have to do this anymore.

• You have just had your hair and nails done, and you do not want to ruin your designer shoes. It appears chivalry is dead.

Tires wear out, and we do not always think to check them, so we find ourselves stranded with a flat tire. Ideally, spare tires and tools are always in good working order, but busy people have many things on their minds. There are hazards all over the roadways so even new tires can pick up a puncture. Flat tires happen for many reasons.

A flat tire is a minor problem that can quickly become a major one. It is dangerous for anybody to stand along a busy road, especially when it is dark or raining and change a tire. There is danger from nearby traffic and strangers who may stop to help. It is not necessary for vulnerable drivers to be exposed to those dangers.

Everyone should have the phone number to call Glendale Tow Truck in case they get a flat tire. We will be there quickly, and as long as you have an inflated spare, we will have you back on the road in no time. If you do not have a usable spare, we will tow your car and get you to safety. Turn on your flashers, lock your doors and call us.

Our team is ready to help 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.