​Car Lockout Services

Glendale Tow Truck will come to the rescue when no one else will with car lockout services. Late model cars are so theft proof you cannot even break into your vehicle anymore. Maybe you can maneuver a wire coat hanger under the window seal and over the window top then down to poke at the lock switch until it releases. It ‘s tricky to reach that lock switch when your car alarm is blaring.

We used to call the local police, and Officer Friendly would come right over with his official breaking and enter tool and unlock the car. Even small town police departments have eliminated that service, choosing to put their resources to better use.

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There was even a time when you could call a mobile locksmith, and he would drive over and make a key for you on the spot. Those were simpler times.

There are some good ideas to prevent being stranded with a locked car and no key.

1. Carry an extra key in your purse or wallet.

2. Place a spare key in a magnetic case and attach it to the underside of the car.

3. Leave an extra key at home so that a family member can rescue you.

4. If your dog is in the car, play with him through the window. If you can get him to jump in just the right spot, his paw will hit that lock switch, and doors will open. This works five out of ten times.

It is frustrating when you can see your keys lying right on the seat with no way to grab them. With no extra key, no one of driving age at home and no dog who is there to help, Glendale Tow Truck is the best idea. Call us and we will have a team member dispatched to unlock your door.

Surprisingly, many people do not even know that our full-service towing company offers roadside assistance for car lockout services. Flat tire changes, dead battery jumps and even a couple of gallons of gas are part of that service too.

Locked out of your car is more than an inconvenience if you do not get help quickly. The situation can turn tragic if small children or animals are in the car on a hot day. Stranded on a dark city street can be frightening. If you have a long wait for help and the day is freezing or raining, inconvenience turns into significant discomfort. You will be prepared by knowing who to call for help. Find a phone if yours is in the car or beg one from a passerby and call us.

Glendale Tow Truck is proud to be able to offer car lockout service to our customers. Most of us have been stranded alone with car problems of one kind or another. We want to keep our clients and their families safe from the hazards of the road by being available when we are needed. Like all of our towing and roadside assistance services, car lockout service is available 24 hours a day, every day.